Data Management

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Audience Definition

RUN analyzes a multitude of data signals across user and page context, location, device type, campaign performance and much more in order to create segments that an advertiser can be confident will perform; in addition, RUN is integrated with industry-leading DMP’s to port in already-created audience segments if desired.

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Cross-Device Identification

RUN’s cross-device algorithm – written by our data scientists and regularly fine-tuned as new training sets become available – allows for constant population of our device graph, and helps us tie historically disparate ID’s back to a single consumer, in turn granting advertisers a person-level view of the digital media landscape.

Diverse and Impactful Activation

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High-Profile Creative

RUN can programmatically activate virtually any creative ad format across all digital screens, including Rising Stars, HTML 5 and more.

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Premium Video

​Across desktop and mobile, RUN gives advertisers access to video inventory as it was always intended to be; true, pre-cached pre-roll, and no interstitials or in-banner real estate unless specified. RUN can also deliver long-form assets.

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Native & Responsive

RUN’s native ad format is a single, standardized spec across multiple publishers. Advertisers can deliver custom copy and visual imagery that lives directly in the content feeds of sites in a premium network, with full analytics and performance to boot.

RUN Analytics as a Service

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Universal Reach and Frequency

RUN de-duplicates reach across all supply sources using its cross-device science, and accurately reports back on person-level – as opposed to device-level – frequency for every campaign.

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Audience Insights

​RUN allows advertisers to gain new perspective on potentially receptive audiences via our proprietary Audience Insights product, effectively indexing campaign delivery and performance against broader audience taxonomies and revealing new groups of people who demonstrated strong interest in the brand.

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Full-Path Conversion Reporting

​RUN reporting shines light on complete campaign ROI that other ad servers miss; another product output of RUN’s person-level understanding of the digital ecosystem. We show full-path conversion reporting that takes all environments into account, inclusive of desktop, mobile web and mobile app.

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