Diversified Data Options

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Behavioral Data

Partnering with behavioral data providers not only provides a vast number of targeting options for RUN’s advertising clients, but also helps extend the seed data pool on which our audience insights products are built.

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Geo Data

As a platform built for a mobile-first world, RUN has confidently built some of the ad tech industry’s best geo targeting and audience building capabilities; however, plugging into additional specialized geo data providers, like those with “point of interest” tools and location scoring and validation capabilities, can further cement RUN’s pole position.

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Contextual Data

Knowing more about where an audience is exposed to a brand message is one of several keys to understanding receptivity and engagement. RUN actively seeks partners with line of sight into user search queries, keyword and page content recognition, and more.

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Cross-Device Data

At its core as a cross-device company, RUN understands the importance of regular expansion and hydration of the device graph across both deterministic and probabilistic data sets and ID types. We constantly look to improve upon our already industry-leading match and accuracy rates with new cross-device data partnerships.

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Extending Programmatic Inventory

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Display Suppliers

While already connected to the vast majority of desktop display SSP’s, RUN is committed to excellence in desktop despite its roots as a mobile-first platform. Any differentiated display offering is certainly of interest.

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Video Suppliers

RUN is currently connected to most scalable video inventory solutions; however, as video demand seemingly has no end in sight in the short-term, RUN will continue to look to add compelling premium and cross-device video suppliers to its mix.

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Mobile Suppliers

RUN’s tech has mobile activation at the center, but with new and improved mobile inventory solutions entering the marketplace every day – some specializing in creative, others in ad formats, and still others in viewability – we’d love to hear what else we can make work in our platform.

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Measurement and Verification Expertise

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Viewability and Bot/Fraud

As brands increase their demands to measure their campaign performance and set KPIs that expect to be met for viewability, audience validation and brand favorability, measurement partners who offer methodologies and solutions to examine these metrics effectively has never been more important.

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Demo Validation

The digital media industry’s trusted demographic validation companies are key partners of RUN, and delivering media to proper audiences is one of RUN’s main activation prerogatives. We will remain on the look out for innovation to help us continue to do so.

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Online-to-Offline Attribution

More and more, RUN’s advertiser and agency partners are looking for tangible results from their digital and cross-screen campaigns. In addition to delivering our own attribution solutions, we rely on key partnerships with measurement providers who can deliver mobile foot traffic studies, offline sales lift analysis and more.

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