Audience Extension

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Publisher partners, like advertising partners, can employ RUN Cookie Translator™ to extend their premium audiences from desktop into mobile. RUN simply passes the mobile audiences back, and you can activate them as extensions any way you like.

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Offsite Retargeting

RUN’s DSP offers cross-screen retargeting capabilities; this allows you to make your high-profile audience more scalable than only what you can deliver on your own site, and beyond just desktop.

Private Marketplace

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Increase Premium Yield

RUN has built custom Private Marketplaces within our own platform, providing publishers the opportunity to make inventory directly available to some of the world’s most premier brands – and get more premium advertisers on-site.

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Demand Beyond the IO

While directly booked IO’s will of course remain your main advertising revenue source, making unique inventory available via RUN will allow you to book more than what you do direct – and with less strain on resources.

Enhanced Publisher Analytics

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Cross-Screen Reach & Frequency

When you partner with RUN to round out and extend your inventory offering across screens, you can share with advertising partners your aggregate true cross-screen reach and frequency against your premium audience.

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Attribution Reporting

RUN’s mobile-first platform has unique line of sight into all mobile environments inclusive of mobile app and web; this means you can offer cross-screen attribution reporting back to clients, a true pub-side competitive advantage.

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Transparent Audience Delivery

RUN’s transparent analytics suite provides you with insight into how your audience breaks down at a demographic, geographic and device-level.

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