Demand-Side Features

High Profile Creative

RUN can programmatically activate virtually any display creative format across all digital screens, including Rising Stars, HTML 5 and more.

Premium Video

Across desktop and mobile, RUN gives advertisers access to video inventory in all forms including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, outstream, and in-banner.

Native & Responsive

RUN can programmatically activate native ad units across premium publishers. Advertisers can deliver custom copy and visual imagery that lives directly in the content feeds of top sites.

Connected TV

If you want to reach users in their living rooms, RUN can activate on CTV inventory from top suppliers and access all CTV enabled devices, including TVs, Game Consoles, and “Pucks & Sticks”.


As the demand for digital audio grows, RUN is here to help! RUN can activate audio units across first-class audio publishers.

Prisma Integration

To simplify activation across channels, RUN has an integration with Prisma to allow for automated campaign creation using approved insertion orders. This supports agency workflow and allows for faster campaign launches while reducing human errors.


Data Management

Audience Definition

RUN analyzes a multitude of data signals across user and page context, location, device type, campaign and performance and much more in order to create segments that an advertiser can be confident will perform; in addition, In addition, RUN is integrated with industry-leading DMP's to port in already-created audience segments if desired.

Cross Device Identification

RUN’s cross-device algorithm allows for precise population and refinement of our device graph, linking disparate IDs to a single consumer and granting advertisers a person-level view of the digital media landscape.

Conversion Attribution

RUN delivers full-path conversion reporting inclusive of desktop, mobile web and mobile app. Person-level attribution allows for a complete understanding of ROI and the factors that drive engagement and purchases.


Analytics as a Service

Universal Reach & Frequency

RUN utilizes cross-device technology to de-duplicate reach across supply sources, and accurately report on and control frequency at the person and device levels.

Audience Insights

RUN's audience analysis toolset allows for sub-second querying of thousands of attributes across billions of users. Advertisers can create custom dashboards and profiles of target audiences to develop more effective media plans and guide strategic optimizations.

Campaign Explore

Campaign Explore provides advertisers with the ability to analyze media activity and a host of performance metrics across dozens of facets, allowing for nearly limitless reporting options and extremely granular insights with blazing fast query times.