In order to offer a multitude of demographic and psychographic targeting options for clients, RUN looks for partnerships with best-in-class behavioral data providers.


Knowing more about where an audience is exposed to a brand message is one of several keys to understanding target audiences. RUN actively seeks partners with line of sight into user search queries, keyword and page content recognition, and more.

Transactional Data

RUN wants to expand its partnerships with transactional data providers in order to reach users based on their past purchases or their purchase intent.


Due to the importance of reaching users in the right place and at the right time, RUN emphasizes finding leading location data partners to provide granular geo targeting or specialized geo data such as Points-of-interest.

Cross Device

At its core as a cross-device company, RUN understands the importance of regular expansion and hydration of the device graph across both deterministic and probabilistic data sets and ID types. We constantly look to improve upon our already industry-leading match and accuracy rates with new cross-device data partnerships.

Our Data Partners

RUN leverages 50,000+ data segments from 75+ data providers that are accessed via the BlueKai and LiveRamp data stores:

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Display Suppliers

While already connected to the vast majority of display SSP’s, RUN is committed to excellence across desktop, mobile and tablet display. Any differentiated display offering is certainly of interest.

Video Suppliers

RUN is currently connected to most scalable video inventory solutions; however, as video demand seemingly has no end in sight in the short-term, RUN will continue to look to add compelling premium and cross-device video suppliers to its mix.

Connected TV Suppliers

While currently working with top providers in the ever-This growing CTV space, RUN is always interested in finding CTV suppliers with large amounts of inventory or differentiated offerings.

Native Suppliers

As native display and video inventory continue to grow, RUN is expanding its supply partners in order to provide high quality native placements across top publishers.


As digital audio rises in popularity and listenership increases, RUN is looking for suppliers with access to high quality audio publishers across desktop, mobile, smart speakers and smart TVs.

Our Supply Partners

RUN is directly integrated with all major domestic and global supply side partners. Deliver to high quality media across desktop, tablet, phone, and connected TV for banner, video and native assets:



Use PMPs to Increase Premium Yield

RUN has built custom Private Marketplaces within our own platform, providing publishers the opportunity to make inventory directly and increase revenue from non-direct sources.

Demand Beyond the IO

While directly booked IO’s will of course remain an important advertising revenue source, making unique inventory available via RUN will allow you to book more than what you do direct – and with less strain on resources.

Connect to Top Brands/Agencies

As a part of Publicis, RUN offers publishers access to some of the world’s most premier brands – and the ability to get more premium advertisers on-site.

Our Premium Publisher Deals

Activate the buying power of Publicis and deliver spend through agency private marketplace deals. Manage publisher and platform partnerships and provide clients with guaranteed value and savings:

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Viewability/Bot Fraud

While already connected to the vast majority of display SSP’s, RUN is committed to excellence across desktop, mobile and tablet display. Any differentiated display offering is certainly of interest.

Connected TV Suppliers

As brands increasingly want to be sure that their ads are seen, RUN is searching for additional partners who can measure viewability and ensure that impressions are from human traffic.

Demo Validation

The digital media industry’s trusted demographic validation companies are key partners of RUN, and delivering media to proper audiences is one of RUN’s main activation prerogatives. RUN remains on the lookout for innovative partners to continue to doing delivering verified in-demo campaigns.

Online-to-Offline Attribution

More and more, RUN’s clients are looking for tangible results from their campaigns. In addition to delivering our own attribution solutions, we rely on key partnerships with measurement providers who can deliver mobile foot traffic studies, offline sales lift analysis and more.

Brand Lift

Many RUN clients want to move past simple KPIs and go beyond traditional metrics to view the impact of their ads on consumer perceptions and behavior. RUN works hand-in-hand with measurement partners that offer brand lift studies to provide clients with the insights they need.